Change your subscription plan

Steps on how to change upgrade or change your subscription plan

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Update your current subscription plan by following the steps below:
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1️⃣ Head to and login with the same credentials you've set up on the app.
You can do this on your phone or desktop
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2️⃣ Click on the “burger menu (≡)” button in the top left corner
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3️⃣ Click on “Subscription
4️⃣ Scroll through the available plans and choose the one that suits you
Upgrades are instant, downgrades will be effective from the next billing period.
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5️⃣ Click “Choose Plan” on the plan that you would like to change to
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6️⃣ Set up your Company by filling in the required details
If your company is already setup by someone else in your organisation ask them to invite you by link or QR code
7️⃣ Click “Continue to Card Information
On the next step, you may be charged R1 - R5 when confirming your card details, this will automatically be refunded. You won't be charged unless you choose to upgrade your plan or generate and finalise documents from within the app. Sample documents are free.
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Secure payments managed by Payfast.
8️⃣ Enter your card details on the Payfast page
9️⃣ Click “Save card details
The steps above not working?
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