Commenting on Jobs: The Basics

A quick guide on how to attach files or link to documents in job comments

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The Job Comments feature is a powerful tool for enhancing collaboration and communication within your team. This feature allows team members to engage in real-time discussions related to specific jobs, facilitating seamless communication and information sharing.
There are three comprehensive guides to help you make the most of this feature:
Part 1: The Basics (this guide)
Part 2: Mentioning Team Members & Notifications
Part 3: Attachments & Links

Accessing Job Comments

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1️⃣ Open the EW COC App:
Launch the EW COC app on your device
The Inbox icon on the top right corner will take you to all messages, to view comments for a specific Job, follow steps 2-3.
2️⃣ Navigate to a Job:
Select the specific job for which you want to view or add comments
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3️⃣ Open Job Comments Section:
Click on the 💬 message icon in the top right corner on the Job page to view the "Job Comments" for this Job

Sending Messages

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Composing a Message

1️⃣ Click on the “Job Comments” icon in the top right corner of the job you would like to comment on
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2️⃣ Tap on the text input box
3️⃣ Type your message
4️⃣ Press the "Send" icon to post the message
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Each comment shows the:
  • Time sent
  • Name and Initials of Team Member that sent it

Deleting a Message

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1️⃣ Navigate to the comment that you want to delete
2️⃣ Swipe left on the comment to reveal the “Delete” icon (🗑️)
3️⃣ Click on the “Delete” icon
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4️⃣ Confirm that you would like to Delete the comment
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The content of the deleted comment will be removed

Reply to a Message

Respond directly to messages within the chat, maintaining a threaded conversation for easy reference
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1️⃣ Swipe right on a message to reveal the “Reply To” icon
2️⃣ Click on the “Reply” icon to reply to that message
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3️⃣ Write the reply and then click on the “Send” icon
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Replying to specific messages helps to prevent confusion when multiple topics are being discussed by the various team members taking part in the chat
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