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A quick guide on how to lock a document on the Energy Warehouse app

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What is a locked document?

When a document is locked it means no one can delete or edit it. A document can only be locked if all credentials used have approved it.
Steps on how to lock a document on the Energy Warehouse app:
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1️⃣ Open the Energy Warehouse app and select the Home icon
Bottom left
2️⃣ Click on the “job” you would like to lock a document for
notion image
3️⃣ Scroll down to “Client Documents
notion image
4️⃣ Click the “PDF” button of the document that you would like to lock
You can only lock an approved document
If the document is not approved follow this guide:
Approve a document
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5️⃣ Click “Final Document”
Selecting this will count to your usage limit
notion image
6️⃣ Click “Confirm” to confirm document lock
This confirms that you wish to lock this document. This will prevent any further changes to it.
notion image
Wait a moment for the PDF to generate
notion image
7️⃣ You can now share your “official” and “approved” PDF document by clicking the “Share” button
Top right corner
8️⃣ After sharing you can click the “exit” button
Top left corner
notion image
9️⃣ The document will now be marked as “Locked
The steps above not working?
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