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More about non-sensitive fields and how to use them

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What is non-sensitive fields?

Non-sensitive fields are specific fields that can be edited by an admin even after a document is in approval phase. These fields are primarily those where an admin might receive details at a later stage and still needs the flexibility to input this information, even after initial approval.
When a document is in the "In Approval" stage—displaying either a green or orange status but not yet "Locked" (shown in blue)—fields marked as "non-sensitive" will display a green unlocked icon. This indicates that these fields can still be edited.
Here's where you'll find these "non-sensitive" fields:
  • "Certificate Number" in the following documents:
    • Test Report for SSEG
    • Single Phase COC Photo Report
    • Inverter / Battery Photo Report
    • Inverter / Battery Installation Quality Report
    • Roof Photo Quality Report
  • "Initial Certificate Number" and "Initial Certificate Date Issued" in the Electrical COC document.
Steps on how to edit a non-sensitive field on the Energy Warehouse app:
notion image
1️⃣ Open the Energy Warehouse app and navigate to the “Job” you would like to edit
2️⃣ Click on the “Job”
notion image
3️⃣ Scroll down to “Template Documents
notion image
4️⃣ Navigate to the “Approved” document you would like to edit a non-sensitive field for
notion image
5️⃣ Expand the document card and click on “Edit”
notion image
6️⃣ Edit the desired “non-sensitive” field(s)
The Non-sensitive fields in the document is marked with a green unlocked icon
The steps above not working?
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