Set up your billing profile

Steps on how to set up your billing profile

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Subscription details are managed on our website:, not the app.
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In the Energy Warehouse app you’ll see the notice bar stating “Billing Profile Not Setup
Without a billing profile you won’t be able to generate official documents from the Energy Warehouse app.
Billing is managed on our website:
You can set up your billing profile for Energy Warehouse with a few simple steps:
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1️⃣ Head to and log in with the same email address and password you've set up on the app
You can do this on your phone or desktop
Read through the available plans and choose the one that suits you best
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2️⃣  Decide on the plan you want and click “Choose Plan
You can change your selected plan later should the amount of documents or team members you need change
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3️⃣  Set up your Company by filling in the required details
If your company is already set up by someone else in your organisation ask them to invite you by link or QR code
You can also add additional company details, such as your Company’s Legal Name or Vat Number for your invoicing purposes by clicking on “+ Invoicing details (optional)”
4️⃣ Click “Continue to Card Information
Secure payments managed by Payfast.
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5️⃣ Enter your card details on the Payfast page
6️⃣ Click “Save card details
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Back to the app 📱

1️⃣ Swipe down to refresh
Alternatively you can close & re-open the app
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2️⃣  After refreshing, the notice bar will turn green and indicate the plan you have chosen
Your billing profile is now activated, and you will be able to lock & finalise documents on the app
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